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A little miffed at some of the nurses at my hospital (Long story)? - Antibiotics [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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A little miffed at some of the nurses at my hospital (Long story)? [Sep. 21st, 2009|01:04 am]

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So I went in at 32 weeks for preterm labor. Other than the anxiety and the whole fear of the unknown for a while, the overall experience at my hospital was ok. I had a great nurse during the day and she set a lot of my fears at ease.
Well, this past friday, (35 weeks) I was having contractions start spontaneously again, even though I had seen my doc that morning and had a good report. They began suddenly, but the only consistancy was that they kept between 3-10 minutes apart. I did everything I could to try and ease them. I had been on the couch all day, taken all my meds, drank tons of water, and laid on my left side. Nothing was stopping them. They began to get more painful after a couple of hours to the point I was unable to walk, and i was crying with intense lower back pain, and pelvic pressure that felt like I had to go #2 REALLY bad! My water didn't break (thank goodness!) But i called the hospital and asked what i should do. They informed me I could go ahead and take my last med early, as that was the only thing I hadn't done yet.
By the time my hubby got home a 1/2 hour later he called the hospital and told them he was bringing me in.

Well, I was given another IV of fluids and more antibiotics for a slight UTI. I was there for about 5 hours, still having contractions with a lot of back pain. The contractions lessened to about 2-3 an hour thankfully, but the whole time I was there, my nurse treated me like I was being a big baby and that i had no reason to be there! She told me that my contractions were only "practice" contractions and that my back pain was probably from the UTI (No, it's not- i had a severe UTI at 32 weeks and had no back cramping or pressure from it!)

Anyways, on my discharge paper, it states (from my nurse) "To return with any signs/ symptoms of TRUE labor or with any danger signs during pregnancy."
Funny thing is, there is a list of "true labor" after this which includes: "Contractions that do not go away with change of activity. resting/ walking" and Contractions may feel like menstural cramps in the lower abdomen, low dull backache below your waistline, pressure in the pelvis which feels as though the baby is pushing down, cramps in your belly, with or without diarrhea."

I had at least those 2 things when I GOT THERE! I'm not stupid, I know what was going on! I've had 1 child already and was just there for preterm labor! I have a very high pain tolerance, and my previous birth was mostly without meds! UG I'm so upset at the arrogance and the fact that I wasn't taken seriously! I hate being made to feel stupid!

I'm to the point, that maybe i should just tough it out and let my water break at home or something before i go back, but I'm worried about my own safety and health because of all the complications I've been having. And what if this starts up again preterm? Will my baby be ok? Preterm babies need to be delivered out of town, as our hospital has no NICU.

I know I shouldn't be letting this nurse get to me, but no one even came to make sure I was OK to leave, get me a wheelchair, Nothing! They were all busy with the babies in the nursery. I had to walk out of the hospital! I'm on bedrest and not supposed to be walking anywhere, let alone across the hospital! My hubby did his best to help me and bring the car around for me.

I'm now all anxious about going back there now. We live in a small town though and it's the only hospital my OB delivers at.
I know most of this is just venting, but I don't have anyone to really talk to right now, and I need to get this off my chest so I don't keep thinking about it.

Anyone have bad experiences with their hospital? What did you do? How will I know when to go back if they keep brushing off my symptoms as nothing?

Thanks everyone for reading and letting me vent =P
Please don't be mean or rude if you want to post anything. I don't need anymore stress right now! Thanks!

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